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The Gamaraal Foundation is a member of proFonds www.profonds.org

The Gamaraal Foundation and the Archive of Contemporary History of ETH Zurich are the Dr. Kurt Bigler Prize Award Winner 2018 for excellence in Holocaust Education

Knowing that among us are Holocaust survivors who live in need, is staggering and concerning.

The aim of the Foundation is to help these people by alleviating at least partially their financial burden and distress. This is a humanitarian demand and the least that we can provide.

Please support us through one of the projects we are running to help Holocaust Survivors living in poverty. 



We would be extremely grateful for any contribution you may make big or small. 

Please help us today as tomorrow may be too late!

„I am pleased to see the commitment of the President of the Gamaraal Foundation, Anita Winter, and her staff benefits the Holocaust survivors in Switzerland.“

Rüdiger Mahlo / German Representative of Claims Conference

“I am deeply moved and strongly supportive of the efforts you have made in Switzerland to alleviate the plight of Holocaust survivors.Your actions are inspirational."

Stuart Eizenstadt / American diplomat and attorney